Donald Culross Peattie
Red outline above, over a recent aerial photo
shows 27.13 acres owned by John D. Wright in 1937,
which would be the land rented by Peattie, and described in Flowering Earth.

Outline, owner, and acreage are shown in upper right of a 1937 map of Montecito. The Wright property on the map is below the "Buena Vista Water Co.", which is to the left of the "SWIFT TRACT" on the map. The stream on the 1937 map just inside the east edge of the property, is still visible in the aerial photo above, coming down to the intersection of Tollis Avenue and Lilac.Drive.

The 1937 map was published by:
"Harold S, Chase, 1012 State Street, Santa Barbara, California, Phone 7125"
available in the:
Gledhill Library at the
Santa Barbara Historical Museum,
136 East De La Guerra Street
Santa Barbara, CA 93101

A 1952 map in the same library shows the land was already extensively subdivided by 1952.
Current lots are shown in Santa Barbara Surveyor's and Assessor's Parcel Maps (as of 25 November 2012)
00706, 00710, 00711
812 Buena Vista Ave on Lot 23 of the first map was built in 1928, and now sits on 1.3 acres.
824 Buena Vista Ave on Lot 83 was built at an unknown date, and now sits on 2.6 acres.
Assessed valuies of these homes are frozen by Proposition 13, so do not reflect current market.

The Santa Barbara City Directory 1941, Including Montecito shows Peattie DC on the "Quien Sabe Estate" at 224 Buena Vista Road, and Yoneda Teramoto at 220, with Anna Temple at 222. House numbers have changed.

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List of his books :
from Library of Congress
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Peter Friederici, "Donald Culross Peattie, Remembering an Early Prophet in Chicago Wilderness"
Tim Longville, "Quien Sabe? The Life and Work of Donald Culross Peattie"

His papers:
Donald Culross Peattie and Louise Redfield Peattie Papers
Special Collections, Collection Number: Mss 94
University of California at Santa Barbara
Scope and Content of Collection
The bulk of the collection relates to the writings of Donald Culross Peattie, but there also is substantial material regarding Louise Redfield Peattie's writings. In addition, there is some personal/family material, primarily in the Biographical/Bibliographic Files and Correspondence. The collection is organized into 11 series.


Series I: Biographical/Bibliographical Files
   Include articles about DCP and bibliographies/lists of his writings, Mark R. Peattie and Noel Peattie's Biography, as well as other biographical sketches, LRP's diaries, and Noel Peattie's Reminiscences.

Series II: Correspondence
   Contains two subseries: Personal and Family, and General.
Personal and Family correspondence includes material both for DCP and LRP.
General correspondence is arranged alphabetically by correspondent or topic; and mostly pertains to DCP's research, travels, writing, and publishers. It includes some drafts of articles and related material; and has some LRP correspondence mixed in.
Notable correspondents include Gertrude D. Benchley, Stephen Vincent Benet, George T. Bye (the Peatties' literary agent), Tom C. Clark, August Derleth, William O. Douglas, Clifton Fadiman, Hamlin Garland, Raymond Massey, Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings, Robert Redfield, John D. Rockefeller, Jr., Eleanor Roosevelt, Ida M. Tarbell, Tiffany Thayer/Fortean Society, Mark Van Doren, and prominent botanists such as Thomas Barbour, David Fairchild, William H. Weston, Jr., William M. Wheeler, and G. R. Wieland.

Series III: Financial Records
   Mainly contains contracts and other records relating to the writings of DCP and LRP.

Series IV: Lectures and Talks
   Includes a small number of items, only partially identified.

Series V: Notebooks
   Includes several numbered volumes, both for DCP and LRP. Generally there is no attribution, but DCP's tend to be botanical in nature, with daily entries, lists, keys, and early drafts of writings, while LRP's tend to be early drafts of fiction, with extensive use of dialogue.

Series VI: Projects
   Contain three subseries: General, Publisher Files, and Subject Files, each alphabetically arranged.
General includes lists, notes and drafts of articles.
Publisher Files mainly contain drafts of articles for specific publishers/magazines.
Subject Files include correspondence, notes, bibliographies, clippings and copies or excerpts of relevant articles, and other related material.

Series VII: Writings
   Mainly include monographs and articles by Donald Culross Peattie and Louise Redfield Peattie, as well as some book reviews, forewords, introductions, letters to editors, poetry, and translations. There also are a few articles by other family members, particularly Elia Wilkinson Peattie, Malcolm R. Peattie, Margaret Rhodes Peattie, and Noel Peattie. The files most often contain typed drafts, but there also are some handwritten drafts and notes, research files, publicity, reviews, and related correspondence.

Series VIII: Research Files
   Contain notecards pertaining to DCP's research on trees.

Series IX: Photographs
   Photographs are black and white prints, and negatives, unsorted but pertaining mainly to family and travel.

Series X: Scrapbooks
   Contain reviews and other materials relating to DCP's and LRP's writings.

Series XI: Oversize Materials
   Include larger size scrapbooks of articles, portfolios of articles and personal/family items, as well as a 78 rpm sound recording entitled "Skagway [Alaska] Street Car."

Indexing Terms
The following terms have been used to index the description of this collection in the library's online public access catalog.
Peattie, Donald Culross, 1898-1964.
Peattie, Louise Redfield, 1900-1965.

Related Material
Books from the collection are cataloged individually and are located in the UCSB Department of Special Collections. These include works by Donald Culross Peattie, Louise Redfield Peattie, and Elia Wilkinson Peattie, DCP's mother. Please consult Pegasus, the UCSB Libraries online catalog, for further information.
Additional material for the collection may be forthcoming from family members. Please consult Special Collections staff for further information.

Early material, pre-dating DCP's and LRP's 1937 move to Santa Barbara, is located at The Grove, 1421 North Milwaukee, Glenview, IL 60025 [tel. 847-299-6096].

The Library of Congress holds a holographic manuscript of DCP's Flowering Plants of Kennicott's Grove.
Michigan State University Libraries Special Collections
MSS 18: Donald Culross Peattie, Letters
Two letters written by Donald Culross Peattie, August 22, 1935 and July 20, 1942, to Gladys Olds Anderson of Lansing, Michigan. Both were written in response to Mrs. Anderson’s letters praising Peattie’s books.

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